Sprawled Soilware


The interdisciplinary artwork Sprawled Soilware brings together role play, bot guardians, and the long-standing figure of flânearie as an augmented immersive experience available over your phone. Created under the constraints of the COVID-19 lockdown, the collectives Omsk Social Club and Hollow have worked together to create a live exhibition format that literally opens up on the viewer’s screen over three different narrative scores. The aim of the work is to explore our relationship to liminality, using time as a circular motion and understanding the cosmic stack of human, technology, mineral, and non-beings.

Sprawled Soilware guides the user through surreal bio-technological landscapes, ancestral hybrids and questions on who and what has the authority to make a reality. The work is multi-sensory and participatory, viewable only whilst walking, and through the popular messaging application Telegram. Divided into three alternative viewing walks, the user chooses between a scaling anima mundi character Thermadite Renji (musically scored by Cammack Lindsey) or a gothic cutie Obscura Sol (musically scored by Tamás Marquatent & András Molnár) or a multi-dimensional ancestral ectoplasm Levetia A. Eaf (musically scored by Circular Ruins), with each route offering up an alternative structure of reality.

For more information and to participate in the walk visit: https://soilware.net

Co-produced by Sín Arts, Culture Nonprofit Ltd, and Montag Modus, with the support of the International Coproduction Fund of the Goethe-Institut. Co-produced by Divadlo X10, Katlan Group, Art Quarter Budapest, and the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.

Sprawled Soilware was presented at Ecology of Attention #4: stand out of our light and ShareHolders I. by Montag Modus at radialsystem in Berlin.

The website has been realized with the support of the Imre Zoltán Program of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.