The Archive

online performative database


The Archive is an ongoing and evergrowing meta-project where Hollow’s pre-existing worlds bleed into new ones. Otherwise stated, it is the larger structure to which the majority of their characters, stories, and landscapes belong. Most of its elements originate from events that occurred (or will occur) in one world or another. Therefore, as a series of texts, objects, and performances, The Archive draws attention to hidden correlations between Hollow’s–invented and given–realities. 

The stories that emerge from the time capsules stored in The Archive revolve around various issues, ranging from hope and nostalgia, through progress, desire, and utopia, to the inaccessibility of the future, and how predictions and speculations shape the present. Furthermore, with this piece, revealing background stories and content produced during the development of their works, Hollow also highlights the importance of the unseen aspects of creating an art project, including the amount of invisible labor involved.

The Archive consists of different chapters (see for example The Beyond or The Skin) that manifest in various–physical and/or virtual–forms. Meanwhile, this interactive online platform aims to be the place where the pieces of Hollow’s speculative database are concentrated and continuously updated, to illuminate newer pathways and open portals to other potential realities, constituting bridges between the existing and what is beyond the horizon. 

Created by Viktor Szeri, Tamás Páll, and Gyula Muskovics

Sound by András Molnár & Tamás Marquetant

Production partner: Katlan Group 

Supported by: Imre Zoltán Program of the Hungarian National Cultural Fund, Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources

The website has been realized with the support of the Imre Zoltán Program of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.