The Archive

Ongoing since 2020

The Archive is an ongoing and evergrowing meta-project where Hollow’s pre-existing worlds bleed into new ones. As a series of texts, objects, and performances it revolves around the inaccessibility of the future and how predictions and speculations shape the present. 

It can be viewed as the continuation of Summit, a performance from 2019 where Hollow foreshadowed the obscure conditions of a planetary event that radically changes life on Earth. While Summit, retrospectively titled Archive I, immerses the audience in the ultimate moment before the so-called “Future Event,” the first iteration of The Archive takes place in “the beyond”, after the inevitable end. 

Archive II (The Beyond) contemplates about hope, childhood, aging, and memory in the company of  specters, interwoven with unbreakable metalwebs. It was first presented as a series of online public livestream performances at Placcc Festival in Budapest, and later transformed into an immersive installation and performance in the group show titled Mine My Mind at art quarter budapest.

Created and performed by Viktor Szeri, Tamás Páll, and Gyula Muskovics

Sound: András Molnár & Tamás Marquetant

An enigmatic community has left behind
Symbols, relics, songs, and rites
To perpetuate their hopes and uncertainties
About the future for posterity.
Promises dissolve in anxiety
Desire and paranoia are intertwined
And dreams are haunted
By technologies of absolute knowledge
In the land where these time capsules percolate the mind.
The last gathering of the group
Took place beyond the least visible point of a cave.
In the darkness of the cell of memory
Where the archive breathes and sighs
A step forward leads into an abyss
And plans fold into decline.
The deeper one dives into this wormhole
The stronger the metalwebs get.
Weaving the body around
A chimera spider locks the thought into rehearsal loops
Endless choreographies of searching for the output.
The archive absorbs smoothly the travelers
Like a swarm, feeding from the manifold of paralyzed bodies
It pulsates, grows, and swells
Under the fading shadow of “Future Events;”
Hyperobjects of the past
Too dense and opaque to tame…

The Archive II (The Beyond) @ AQB

The Archive II (The Beyond) was exhibited in the group show titled Mine My Mind at art quarter budapest together with works by Szilvia Bolla, Lőrinc Borsos, Dániel Kophelyi, PPILLOVV, Adrian Kiss, and Márton Emil Tóth. The installation was realized with the help of Fanni Hegedűs and Csaba Molnár.

The Archive II (The Beyond) @ Placcc Festival

The most important thing is the blaze. 
Enlightenment. Capital letter Idea.
There are a lot of small fish and there is one that is big. 
The great moment. Yours only.

But self-fulfillment is an eternal trial period. 
Thirst for knowledge 
That may have the following side effects:
Difficulty breathing, chest-tingling.

If demons wake you up at every dawn you may ask: 
Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
Or is this the archive of decay? 
The choreographies of death?

A new subculture is born that buries its members alive.
Unbelievers. Outcasts who have ousted themselves. 
Living-dead zombie children.
The most dangerous to society.

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